'Exhale and flow' is a mantra Catherine uses in her practice for life's triumphs, obstacles, and transitions in between. The concept of the mantra kept showing up on and off of her yoga mat. These three simple words were originally a directional cue for chaturanga in the sun salutations of vinyasa yoga, but it inevitably became guidance for much more than high to low plank.

For Catherine, the exhale is a valuable tool to drop resistance, release tension, and cultivate freedom to be. Our breath is our life force; it carries the rhythm of the ocean, the vastness of the universe, and connects us to all living things. That flow is the foundation of our life experience, and it infuses our essence of truth. The life force is behind our thoughts, actions, our movement, and our stillness. 

Through yoga practice, we draw awareness to breath and ride those waves with ease. It develops resilience, joy, and bliss. From that space, we are in our natural flow. By connecting with the sea of truth and transformation of breathwork, there is clarity. We may see how much bigger we are than our problems. Our past, our fears, and our egos are minuscule next to the power of mindful breath + willingness to let go. The mantra is complex and threads into all parts of life, yet its also very simple.

Exhale and flow. It's all good cause we're breathing.