"Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured, and endure what cannot be cured." - B.K.S. Iyengar






She's a yoga teacher and savannah native on a mission to share the gift of yoga, intention, and mindfulness. Here's how her personal experience with yoga, healing, and transformation lead Catherine Mulligan to the now; the experience of continuous conquest towards truth and purpose. 

Salt water, deep breaths, human connection, and simple meaningful moments inspire her spirit. She is passionate about yoga philosophy, healing, transformation, and authentic human connection. Her dynamic personality and practice lends to her teaching style. With grounded feet and open hearts, students experience sequencing and breathwork designed to get in touch with their natural flow, drop resistance, and find ease in intensity. Catherine's intention for students is to hold space and give tools that facilitate an experience of awareness and growth on the mat. In doing so, Catherine is grateful for the experience yoga students return to her personal growth as a human.

Her Story

Catherine stepped onto a yoga mat at the age of 14 as a dance major at Savannah Arts Academy. She was captivated by the practice and the amount of freedom offered through the intentional movement and conscious breathing. Shortly after her practice was born, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and began treatment and chemotherapy. She and her mom formed a home practice, and started working towards a non-toxic lifestyle with food that heals. This evolved into Catherine teaching gentle yoga and breathing techniques at home. Witnessing the power of yoga in the process of healing was a turning point in Catherine's path towards purpose. That was when she knew that yoga was too great of a gift not to share. Catherine crossed the unclear plans of her "dream jobs" (aka the illusions of binding expectations) and began pursuing the path of a yoga teacher.

She cannot imagine life without yoga, and her friends and family agree that they couldn't imagine her any other way. She is grounded in knowing that through all changes, the yoga remains. Catherine states, "The greatest gift ever given to me is the practice of yoga; it is an infinite resource of good in my life; which in turn can create good in the world. My practice makes me good for others. It serves as a light for truth, a mirror for self-study, and charges the energy that I contribute to the world."


Training and Certifications

  • YogaEd: Teacher Training for At-Risk Youth and Adults with Hala Khouri. Savannah Yoga Center, May 2009
  • Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Kate Doran. Savannah Power Yoga, September 2013.
  • Prison Yoga Project Teacher Training with James Fox. Asheville Yoga Center, June 2014.
  • Art of Assisting with the Baptiste Institute. Savannah Power Yoga, July 2014.
  • Master Teaching Apprentice Program, Dancing Dogs Yoga. July 2015.
  • EDGE Teacher Training, Dancing Dogs Yoga. July 2015.
  • Yoga for Anyone Anywhere with Africa Yoga Project. Dancing Dogs Yoga, August 2015.
  • Mindfulosophy: Purpose and Practice with lululemon athletica. Atlanta, Georgia, July 2017.
  • YogaEd: Yoga and the Child's Brain. Julia Bond, May 2018.